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NWCOA Committee Development

The purpose of the NWCOA Committees is to direct the NWCOA Governing Board and Executive Staff on current and future issues relevant to the wildlife damage management industry. These committees are led by NWCOA members and board members. 


Advocacy Committee 

Committee Co-Chairs - Chris Lunn and Dixon Herman

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for informing and advising the Board and staff on federal and state legislative efforts. Tasks assigned to the Advocacy Committee include:

  • Identify and recommend public policy priorities for NWCOA to the Board of Directors
  • Identify public policy opportunities and challenges for wildlife control operators and other stakeholders, and generate reports, position papers and/or recommendations on strategies to address these
  • Develop and provide oversight to state/regional advocacy representatives task force
  • Provide advice and counsel as requested to the Board of Directors and staff regarding the development of strategies on how to best position the wildlife control profession to meet the needs of society and the industry
  • Assess advocacy and member needs to empower members with information to be engaged in association policy efforts


Education Committee

Committee Chair - Chris Hunnicutt

The Education Committee is responsible for development of education materials, programs, and resource material for use by members of NWCOA. Tasks assigned to the Education Committee include:

  • Webinars
  • Training
  • Certification/Credentialing
  • New Course Development
  • Online Resources
  • Template/Resource development

Education Committee Task Force

    • Certification Program Alignment Task Force 
    • Wildlife Expo Task Force – Committee Chair Charles Holt
    • Training and Course Development Sub-Committee - Committee Chair Jim Goins


Communications Committee

Committee Chair - Charles Parker

The NWCOA Communications Committee will be responsible for event-specific media initiatives, as well as on-going activities designed to increase awareness and interest in NWCOA. The committee will partner closely with NWCOA’s Executive Staff to ensure that our membership is adequately supported, and that work meets the mission of the organization. Tasks of this committee include:

    • Play an active role in production of the quarterly newsletter, NWCOA News
    • Assist in the development of public branding/awareness campaigns
    • Maintenance of NWCOA social media accounts
    • Review of the association’s website
    • Support efforts to increase volunteer involvement on the committee.

Membership Committee 

Committee Chair - Gerrod Walker

The Membership Committee is responsible for membership recruitment and retention programs. To effectively execute this function the committee shall:

    • Membership Service. Identifying the needs of members and recommending the development of services to meet those needs.
    • Increasing Membership. Recommending means for increasing NWCOA’s membership base, especially among underrepresented groups or geographic areas.
    • Keeping Membership Informed. Recommending to the NWCOA Executive Director, the Board, and other NWCOA committees and related associations ways in which to make prospective and current members aware of the resources, services, and membership benefits of NWCOA.
    • Welcoming New Members. Recommending ways to acknowledge new members and to encourage participation in NWCOA activities. Conducting welcoming activities to support this effort.
    • Identifying Nonmember Needs and Perceptions. Gathering information on and analyzing non-members’ needs and perceptions of NWCOA. Recommending ways in which to meet these needs to attract non-members to join NWCOA. Support networking of members with similar talents and interests in increase membership.
    • Staying familiar with the membership policies, procedures, and resources of NWCOA

Association Strength 

Strategic Partners Committee

Committee Chair - To be assigned

The Strategic Partners Committee is responsible for informing and advising the Board and staff on strategic partnership opportunities with national organizations, state and federal agencies with shared values and alignment. This committee develops and supports strategic relationships that are beneficial to NWCOA, its members and stakeholders.

Vendor Relations Committee

Committee Chair - Chris O'Banion

The Vendor Relations Committee is responsible for acting as liaison between NWCOA and our vendor members, and potential vendor members. The responsibilities of this committee include:

    • This committee will oversee the development and maintenance of vendor relationships
    • Promotion of the exhibit hall/tradeshow for the annual convention
    • Recommending ways to acknowledge vendor and to encourage participation in NWCOA meetings, events, and communications. 
    • Identifying Vendor Needs and Perceptions. Gathering information on and analyzing vendor needs, benefits and perceptions of NWCOA. Recommending ways in which to meet these needs to retain current vendor participation and attract new industry vendors. 
    • Promoting NWCOA sponsorship opportunities to vendors
    • Development of value-added discount programs and/or affinity partnerships

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