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Member Benefits

WCO Member Benefits

Membership in NWCOA shows your business’ initiative, its engagement in the wildlife control industry and its commitment to staying abreast of current developments in the market. By becoming a NWCOA member you align yourself with other WCO’s who abide by the same code of ethics to support sound, scientific wildlife management principles. Members have access to NWCOA promotional products, NWCOA Facebook, Members Only content, and NWCOA message boards and blogs. Members are listed on NWCOA’s website, making it easier for customers to find you.

When you join NWCOA as a WCO member, you immediately get access to a plethora of information and resources.

  • Access to the NWCOA logo which you are free to use in your marketing materials for as long as you keep your membership current and follow the trademark use policy.
  • You receive two 6” decals and one embroidered NWCOA uniform patch. You can always order more products to promote your membership through our online store!
  • You receive NWCOA NEWS, our quarterly newsletter, keeps you up on current developments in the industry.
  • Access to the Members Only section of where you can find NWCOA logo files, recorded webinar series, sample contracts/form and access for photos for use in your marketing.

Additionally, the following member benefits are available once you join. 

Vendor Product Discounts

Recoup Your Dues – earn back the cost of your membership dues by earning discounts and rebates on products you buy to support your business! Several of our vendors offer discount programs only to NWCOA members.

Click below to learn about each program:

Christian Baker Co. Liability Insurance 

By becoming a professional member of NWCOA® you are eligible to purchase liability insurance through the Christian Baker Co. This insurance program has been developed exclusively for members of NWCOA® and covers Nuisance Wildlife Control and Exclusion work only; you may also purchase an additional endorsement for Pesticide Applicator work.

Click HERE to learn more about this exclusive benefit.

Discount Savings Program 

Utilize the purchasing power of a large trade association! NWCOA has created several discount programs that save our members money. 

  • Office Depot/OfficeMax – click here to get discounts on office products you use every day!
  • Travel Discounts through the NWCOA Travel Savings Center – click here to learn more

Consumer Referrals 

Consumer Referrals – as a member you are listed on the NWCOA website. Consumers seeking the services of a WCO can find a list of our members in their area. The office staff also takes many phone calls from consumers and we always direct them to our members!

Vendor Member Benefits

As a Vendor to the wildlife control industry, WCOs depend on the products and services of our Vendor members to serve their customers and run their businesses. In other words, Vendors are an important part of our WCO members’ success. NWCOA strives to build connections between our WCO members and our Vendor members. Below read about the ways NWCOA works to bring value to your Vendor membership.

Highlighting Vendors to WCOs

NWCOA Member Notices

We want to make it easy for our WCO members to find the products and services our Vendor members have to offer! As a Vendor member we list our Vendors in each issue of our quarterly newsletter, NWCOA NEWS and on our website.

As a Vendor member NWCOA will allow you to send up to two notices to the NWCOA members each year to promote your company, product and services.

Wildlife Expo Tradeshow

NWCOA News Advertising

As a Vendor member you receive discounted exhibit rates at The Wildlife Expo. This convention is held each year in late January/early February and is moved regionally around the country. Attended by over 350 professionals, this is by far the largest tradeshow featuring the products and services used by WCOs.

Featured Vendor Website Ad

Vendor members have the exclusive opportunity to place an electronic ad on our website, The ad will appear on the footer of the home page and on the right-hand column of each inside page. Six month and Full-year advertising terms are available. 

NWCOA publishes a quarterly, full-color print newsletter that is mailed to over 1,100 NWCOA members. It is distributed electronically to nearly 4,800 industry professionals. This newsletter is poised to grow in content and distribution, and we welcome Vendors to provide technical articles for inclusion in the publication. This is where our Vendor members can have a large impact on NWCOA’s goal of providing education to raise the professionalism of the industry. Advertising in NWCOA NEWS is also a great way to promote your company to our membership.

Click here for a Media Kit.

Regional Training Sponsorship

As a Vendor member you will be invited to sponsor regional training events. This gives you flexibility to pick and choose which the events you’d at which you would like to receive additional promotion based on location or applicable content of training courses being offered.

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