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Venomous Snake Safety & Handling Course

The NWCOA Venomous Snake Safety and Handling Course is designed to provide training and expertise for Wildlife Control Operators to safely engage with U.S. venomous snakes. This course covers snake biology and identification (elapids and pit vipers), snake behavior, trapping, relocation, safety, and LIVE venomous snake handling. To ensure practice and safety for all, this course is capped at 15 people per class – so sign-up quickly!

This course is a one day, classroom style training course taught by qualified instructors. Upon completion of this course and successful passing of a written and skills test, the WCO will become NWCOA U.S. Venomous Snake Safety and Handling Certified. Successful students will also receive a certificate of completion and have use of the logo mark in marketing materials.

Prerequisite: To sign up for NWCOA Certified U.S. Venomous Snake Safety and Handling Course - Level 2, you must first successfully pass the NWCOA Basic Safety and Handling for U.S. Reptiles and Amphibians Course, Level 1.

Topics Covered in this Course:

  •  Venomous Snake Biology and Behavior
  • Common U.S. Venomous Snake Identification
  • Trapping
  • Relocation
  • Safety
  • Equipment and Handling

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