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Training Course After Hours Sponsorship

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• This sponsorship is for after-hours entertainment at NWCOA in person training events. • This sponsorship money would go for drinks, food, and space to accommodate attendees. • Included in this sponsorship is on-site recognition of sponsorship, signage and if provided by sponsors handout of brochures, catalogs or other marketing materials. • These afterhours events are geared to providing attendees of in-person training courses additional educational experiences in the form of product demo’s, short presentations on tools, techniques and other aspects of wildlife control beyond what is covered in courses. Additionally, it will be used for networking among attendees of NWCOA training courses. • Sponsors are able to present if they attend training events (15 to 30 minute presentations) or provide NWCOA instructors with tools, products or other items to present on.

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