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Training Course Lunch Sponsorship

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• Announcement at beginning of course for lunch sponsorship. • Announcement and thanks given for sponsorship before lunch break. • Sponsorship announced on all digital and printed advertising with sponsors website or other contact information. • Social Media posts could include tags/links to websites Etc. • Scrolling lunch screen with sponsors information, products, services Etc. (Sponsors are responsible for providing Training Coordinator with content formatted for program used). • Catalogs, brochures, and other printed materials given to attendees. (Sponsors are responsible for catalogs, trifold, or other handouts. Single page brochures NWCOA will have printed but sponsors must supply PDF.) • Online live courses allows lunch sponsors to speak to attendees live via training program (GoToWebinar or other) for 30 minutes. Two-day courses can have TWO lunch time sponsorships. • (Sponsors are responsible for providing NWCOA all PDFs or other digital information, files for printing or online/email advertising).

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