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Hallux Ecosystem Restoration

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Hallux Ecosystem Restoration
United States
About Us
Hallux Ecosystem Restoration LLC is a locally owned and operated company on the island of Kaua’i, Hawai’i. We are a team of invasive predator control experts, dedicated to the protection of native ecosystems and the removal and management of invasive species. Our projects focus on the protection of threatened and endangered seabirds in both the remote mountainous wilderness areas and the coastal preserves of Kaua’i. We pride ourselves in developing and applying advanced methods and techniques to most effectively and efficiently manage and remove invasive predators, using a combination of best available science, years of experience, and trapping knowledge.
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96766, 96756, 96703, 96705, 96714, 96715, 96716, 96722, 96741, 96746, 96747, 96751, 96752, 96754, 96765, 96769, 96796
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  • Invasive Species
  • Basic Wildlife Control Operator (BWCO)

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