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Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP)

Did you know there is an over-reaching certification that verifies a WCOs superior level of education, experience, and ethical standards? The Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP) is conferred to WCOs who meet the arduous requirements that cover five categories: experience, training, successfully passing an exam, ethics, and completing an application. Each application is verified by NWCOA Executive Staff and approved by the NWCOA Governing Board or designee.

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Program Description



CWCPs hold an advantage! This designation sets you apart as a thoroughly trained, ethical and experienced Professional who has been peer-evaluated and properly tested by a national trade association dedicated to creating, promoting and strengthening the professional standards for the wildlife control industry. Not only is this an advantage when marketing your services to consumers, but it also gives you an edge when applying for larger contracts that often require such certifications. Furthermore, CWCPs insured by Christian Baker will have their deductible waived if/when a claim is filed*.

* this is a current Christian Baker policy-holder benefit, that should be confirmed each year upon policy renewal.



Candidate must have 5 years WCO experience with a total of 10,000 hours, or those who work part-time in the industry who have worked 10,000 hours over a an 8 -year period.


Candidate must hold 2 NWCOA certifications, or 1 NWCOA certification and have attended 2 Wildlife EXPOs (or approved regional training events); or hold a College degree in related field


Candidate must successfully pass the CWCP exam with an 85%. Test is available online or in-person.


Candidate must pledge to uphold and conduct their activities in accordance with the Code of Ethics as prescribed by NWCOA. See Code of Ethics.


Candidate must complete an application and pay the appropriate application fee – $100 for NWCOA members and $200 for non-members.

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