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Skunks are a common wildlife invader.

Unlike other common invaders, notably raccoons and squirrels, skunks do not readily climb, and their entry is usually limited to ground level invasion. Utilizing sun rooms, decks, porches and patios as well as crawl spaces under homes. Skunks often gain access to these areas by entering through ductwork.

Of major concern to homeowners is skunk spraying under these areas resulting in odors in the home. This can be extreme and air handling units can quickly spread the scent throughout home. Negative interactions can also occur with pets or homeowners themselves surprise an unsuspecting skunk.

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There are no hard and fast rules with wildlife but skunks spraying under porches and other areas is usually experienced during the months of February and March. This typically occurs during skunks annual breeding cycle and is the result of a female skunk being pressured by male skunks. Often after this extremely close quarter spraying, the skunks will vacate the area until the odor subsidies, but this is hit or miss - some leave, some do not. Positive control, a trap placed so the only way out of denning site is to go through a trap, is optimal when a site allows. This type of trap reduces the possibility of catching wandering animals. If no catch is made and no other hole is dug out from under an area during normal weather conditions (extreme cold can delay) it may indicate that skunks are no longer present and repairs can be done to prevent future entry issues. Many operators offer odor control services and crawl space remediation to rectify damage from skunk entry.

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