Conditions of Membership

1. Submit membership application and pay dues as set by the Governing Board for the membership class and meet any necessary insurance requirements, if any, required by the class.

2. Be active and provide input into the workings and activities of NWCOA.

3. Members will never represent themselves as an official voice of NWCOA unless approved by the Governing Board to represent NWCOA.

4. Members must read, understand, and support the NWCOA Statement to Support Scientific Wildlife Population Management, which reads  as follows: The National Wildlife Control Operators Association supports sound, scientific wildlife management principles including, but not limited to: hunting, trapping, and any other lethal population control in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations.

5. Members must accept and agree to abide by the NWCOA Code of Ethics.

A. Membership Dues: Membership fees shall be due January 1 of each year for all members and the membership year shall run from January 1 to December 31 to coincide with NWCOA fiscal year. New members who join the Association will pay the full dues rate regardless of join date.  New members joining between July 1st and December 31st will pay one-half (1/2) of their dues rate plus the following year dues to ensure continuity of insurance coverage. The Governing Board shall set and modify the dues rate schedule for all classes of membership as necessary. Renewals are not subject to pro-rating, and renewals not paid by March 1 of the calendar year will be placed on inactive status and lose all membership privileges.

1. Discounts. The Governing Board may approve a discounted rate for any membership category as a promotional tool at their discretion.

2. Military Service. Members called to military service shall have their dues waived while serving on active duty. It shall be the responsibility of members to notify NWCOA of their military deployment. Membership fees will resume upon the cessation of active duty according to the fee schedule for the member’s membership class and pro-rated as necessary.

3. Annual Dues Rate Schedule by Membership Class

a) Corporate Platinum Sponsor    $10,000.00

b) Corporate Diamond Sponsor     $7,500.00

c) Corporate Gold Sponsor     $5,000.00

d) Corporate Silver Sponsor     $2,500.00

e) Professional WCO                               $250.00

f) Associate WCO             $125.00

g) Supporting                              $50.00

h) Vendor                    $500.00

i) Supporting Vendor                         $350.00

j) Information only                 N/A

k) Gift                   N/A